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Boosted by strong economic growth over the past couple of decades, the Chinese are more affluent than ever. The rise in prosperity brought with it a new market for professional and customized wealth management services, enabling CMB to emerge as a power house in China's private banking sector as the first joint-stock commercial bank to provide private banking services.

Over the past three decades, we've developed a strong and full service portfolio with the all-in-one card, all-in-one net, Sunflower VIP service, and Diamond wealth management solution.

CMB's private banking solutions provide an unparalleled banking experience for businesses, families, individuals, and global investors.

As the end of 2018, a total of 6 global private banking/private wealth management centres have been opened under various entities of CMB group (i.e. Wing Lung Bank, CMBI, CMB NY Branch, CMB Singapore Branch, and CMB Hong Kong Branch in New York and Singapore and Hong Kong). More PB/PWM centresin major cosmopolitan cities across the world are scheduled to open.

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